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    Magnet Experter & Developer in  magnetic material area and the related component.                办公室

    Fuke Magnet Co.,Ltd(FUKE-MAG) was founded  in 1998, located in Ningbo, China, which is known as the “Magnetic City”,Specialized in research, production and sales of high-performance sintered neodymium iron boron, ferrite and other rare earth permanent magnets and products including Smco, AlNiCo, rubber magnet and other magnetic products.

    Quality is the soul and life of enterprise,we provide our customers access to excellent quality magnet product to effectively establish and improve the supply chain .This experience also give customers convenient work and communications with sales and the engineers who well understand their products from a technical point of view.

    To serve our clients better,the company has opened a neodymium iron boron branch and a ferrite branch and has sales offices in Shanghai and Suzhou. Meawhile,We have customers from Mainland China, Europe,Japan, South Korea,Southeast Asia and USA.

    We manufacture and export almost all magnet sizes,shapes,properties and coatings,and provide a customized magnet production service,all products are produced to customers’ design specifications. The goal of the company is to produce and supply the best magnets in China.You can contact us via email or our online contact form,we will try the best to give you the best magnet solution according to your requirements.Expecting your emails!

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