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NdFeB disc magnet

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NdFeB disc magnet             Material:Sintered NdFeB Magnet/Sintered Neodymium Magnet Shape: Disc                Size:Diameter(D)x Height(H)  Grade:N30-N52,M,H,SH,EH,UH   Magnetic properties:Hcj,Hcb,BH,Br,BHmax,working temperature  Coating:Ni/Nickel,NicuNi,Black nickel,Gold,Silver,Chrome,Parylene,Zn/Zinc,Color Zinc,Tin,Cooper,Epoxy etc Application:widely used in sensor,speakers,reed switches,motor,rotor,wind turbines/generators,AC/DC motors,drive motors,servo motors etc Magnetization directions:by Axial or by radial We customize neodymium disc magnet according to customers’ …