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However, Merrill points out that WhatsApp is mainly in this situation because users clearly didn`t understand the changes made to the company`s privacy policy in 2016. “If you don`t give users a good, clear notification when you make a change, people will panic when it`s finally communicated properly,” she says. “That`s why simple, easy-to-read policies go a long way, as do updates that include a summary of the most important changes.” In this case, the in-app notification will block access to your mailing list or other features until you agree to the new privacy policy. You can still accept incoming audio and video calls during this time, as well as read or reply to messages through WhatsApp push notifications, but you won`t have access to the in-app features. But not all at once. If you haven`t accepted the new policy yet, you`ll see more pop-ups in WhatsApp describing the changes with a large green accept button at the bottom. When you tap on it, WhatsApp will continue to share some of your account data with Facebook. If you`d rather disagree, you can first tap a return arrow in the upper-left corner of the overlay. However, over time, pop-ups will appear more frequently.

Eventually, you won`t be able to click at all and the app`s functionality will deteriorate. The reality is that for most users, accepting privacy policy changes doesn`t affect their interactions with WhatsApp much. All communications on WhatsApp are always end-to-end encrypted by default, which means that your messages and photos will still only be visible to you and the users you chat with. And WhatsApp still won`t be able to access your communications or share them with Facebook. During this time, WhatsApp may share user account information such as your phone number, logs of how long and how often you use WhatsApp, device identifiers, IP addresses, and other details about your device with Facebook. WhatsApp may also share transaction and payment data, cookies and location information with Facebook if you give permission. All this has been in place since 2016. If you unsubscribe from the arbitration agreement, if your dispute is an excluded dispute, or if the arbitration agreement is found to be unenforceable, you agree to be subject to the applicable provision in the “Dispute Resolution” section set forth above. The phasing out of features is unusual, says Whitney Merrill, a privacy lawyer and former federal trade commission lawyer. But other companies go even further, she says, by completely locking users down until they agree to a new policy. “In a way, it`s more user-friendly,” Merrill says.

From WhatsApp`s point of view, slow burning gives users more chances to accept and continue using the app instead of being excluded and defecting to competitors forever. There is no way for WhatsApp users to say no to the new privacy policy. Here`s a summary of what remains the same after agreeing to the new terms and privacy policy: The main changes to the privacy policy relate to how data is shared when you use WhatsApp to talk to a business. No matter what you think of this topic, WhatsApp`s story is a good reminder that if you click “I agree” in a privacy policy, you can give something valuable away for free. You must provide: (i) your name and residential address; (ii) the mobile phone number associated with your account; and (iii) a clear statement that you wish to unsubscribe from the agreement of our Terms of Arbitration. But critics, including privacy advocates in countries like Germany, Turkey, India and South Africa, say the policy goes too far. WhatsApp`s policy for inactive users states that accounts “are usually deleted after 120 days of inactivity.” Although WhatsApp does not delete your account immediately because you did not accept the agreement, that account will be technically “inactive” once you lose access to the app. After 120 days of inactivity, your account will be marked for deletion. Deleted accounts and message data cannot be recovered.

The changes to WhatsApp`s privacy policy for 2021 were originally outlined in October in this Facebook blog post. The company plans to introduce a payment system in WhatsApp so that users can make purchases from businesses. It`s likely that Facebook will want to replicate the success of payments in WeChat, the popular Chinese messaging app. Second, if you refuse to accept the new privacy policy, you can migrate from WhatsApp to a new messaging service. After that, you should also delete your WhatsApp account, provided that you seriously want to keep Facebook out of your business – but before you do, export your WhatsApp data and message history. You can`t import chat or personal data into other apps, but you do have a backup copy of your messages that you can reference later. Opt-out procedure. You may unsubscribe from this Agreement to proceed with the arbitration. If you do so, neither we nor you can require the other party to participate in the arbitration. To unsubscribe, you must notify us in writing within 30 days of the later date: (a) the date on which you first agreed to our Terms; and (b) the date on which you are subject to this Arbitration Clause.

You need to use this address to unsubscribe: Wondering what is at stake when you click “I Agree” in a privacy policy? Watch Saara`s video to learn more: Looking at the details of the policy change, it should only apply to messages that WhatsApp users exchange with businesses. Even if users think it`s safe or doesn`t apply to them, they can watch Facebook`s inevitable next steps. Switch from this opt-in to opt-out and extend the B2C policy to all messages. There`s also the fact that Facebook can significantly compromise privacy without having to read the content of WhatsApp messages by mapping and monetizing a person`s social graphic. In January, Niamh Sweeney, WhatsApp`s EMEA policy director, tweeted: “There are no changes in WhatsApp`s data sharing practices in Europe as a result of this update. However, WhatsApp does not share the data of WhatsApp users in the European Region with Facebook so that Facebook can use this data to improve its products or advertisements. After a few weeks of shortened app features, users will be completely excluded from WhatsApp – including notifications and incoming calls – until they agree to the privacy policy. WhatsApp doesn`t say how long it will take for this to happen. Users in the UK and Europe see a different privacy policy than the rest of the world due to the GDPR. This privacy policy imposes much stricter restrictions on what information can be shared between companies, which means that there is actually no change in how data is shared in the updated policy. After all, it feels like there`s actually an advantage to balancing all those GDPR pop-ups. At this point, users lose access to more and more features until they accept the updated privacy policy.

WhatsApp, which is used by more than 2 billion users, delayed the implementation of the new policy by three months last month and has since explained its terms to users — though its statements did not explicitly address what it wanted to do with users who did not agree to the terms. The new privacy policy was supposed to take effect on February 8, but was published on February 15. May postponed to give people time to review politics at their own pace and give WhatsApp time to “dispel misinformation.” Unless otherwise stated in a mutual agreement between you and us, our Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to WhatsApp and our Services and supersede all prior agreements. The “short period of time” will extend over a few weeks. In the note, WhatsApp linked to a newly created FAQ page stating that its policy regarding inactive users will apply after May 15. WhatsApp`s controversial new privacy policy will come into effect on May 15, 2021. .

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