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Wireless charging layout promote magnets application

a new wireless charging solutions announced by Freescale will drive the magnetic material consumption

Freescale, the semiconductor manufacturers in the United States, announced a new wireless charging solutions which make the users step closer to wireless Internet of the future. Starbucks has actively layout wireless charging in silicon valley and Beijing. These will drive the magnetic material consumption, and rare earth is the important material in the manufacture of the magnets.

According to foreign media reported on December 9, 2014 Freescale semiconductor manufacturers in the United States announced a new wireless charging solutions, the product of 15 watts, can provide mobile phone charge three times the power, products, easy to carry, and can be layout to all aspects of people’s life, such as airplane seat, a coffee shop and the dining room table and so on. The product is expected to go on sale in early 2015. The solution for dressing equipment, tablet, big screen smartphones and portable industrial and medical equipment and other large super fast wireless charging of mobile devices, paving the way for the user to step closer to the wireless Internet of the future.

In 2013, the first two stores in silicon valley has brought the wireless charging for the user. Users at the time of drinking coffee, as long as their phones in preset good wireless charger on the table, can support wireless charging of mobile phone recharged for himself. By mid – 2013, starbucks, McDonald’s and companies such as AT&T in America’s big airport, coffee shop, shopping center, and the stadium has deployed more than 1500 charging point. In Europe, PowerKiss already in airport, hotel and coffee shop supervision and installed more than 1000 charging point. Starbucks also has 200 stores in San Francisco bay area set up wireless charging stations. At the Beijing capital airport now in terminal 3 C, and D all are equipped with wireless charging pile near the gate, will be one by one.

In 2015, from the first generation of inductance to the second generation of magnetic resonance (NMR) technology will promote the development of wireless charging into the mainstream products, coffee shops, airports, restaurants and movie theaters and other places of wireless charging stations will be even more popular. With perfect ecological system gradually established, will further stimulate consumer demand for wireless charging, and is expected in the next year there will be a formal commercial wireless charging product.

So what is the working principle of magnetic resonance (NMR) wireless charging technology? According to introducion, it is to use the principle of nuclear magnetic induction charging equipment, similar to the transformer, the sending and receiving end each have a coil, the sender coil connection cable power signal, the receiver coil induction send the electromagnetic signal to generate an electric current to electric equipment. Wireless charging products mainly have three key components, including the control circuit board, induction coil, magnetic materials. In the process, magnetic materials play an important role. According to TDK wireless charging product related technical chief introduction, Permanent magnetic material itself and the process layout has a very important influence for the efficiency of wireless charging. In China, some of the biggest magnetic material manufacturers have been making magnets for wireless charing products.



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